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Monday, Dec. 03, 2001 @ 10:48 pm

Okay, so this evening, upon returning from Safeway, I felt like I could maybe start a damn trend. I had just spent six bucks in the gumball machines, birthing my own barrio of "homies".

"Homies" are small figurines (about the size of green army men but with way better paint jobs and body molds) that come in the old school plastic globe-style containers for fifty cents a pop. My friend David told me about his growing barrio, and I knew it was time to gather my own little dudes.

Tonight, I mentioned my plans for my little homies to another buddy, Toby, who reacted in a way I hadn't expected. He had, in fact, heard of homies. It seems that a magazine called Spin has a story on them in their new issue. It appears my trend-setting radar is a bit off-kilter.

Obviously, I'm not reading enough rock and roll magazines, and I'm way behind on the know-it-all curve, but here are some pictures of my new little homies, anyway.

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