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Friday, Dec. 28, 2001 @ 1:00 am

Back in the Great Pacific Northwest. The holidays were a breather, for certain, but the East Coast is such a different story. I feel like I spent many thousands of miles in a car during my one-week stay in the Washington DC area, yet we flew round drip from Seattle. You should see all the new highways they're building in the Cap City.

There were so many minor nerve-agitators that came along with air travel, most of which I'll skip over since I'm sure many of you have had the very distinct honor of traveling post-"nine eleven". Highlights included the rumbling sound of what could easily have been mistaken for the chain clanking below a roller coaster pulling itself up the major hill. This bone twisting CLICK-CLICK-CLICK pounded through the floorboards of our connecting flight in Arizona for 30 solid seconds while we crept down the runway preparing for takeoff on the way out east. On the way home, it was as though the plane were a dune buggy on a pockmarked dirt road. The flight attendants weren't even allowed to get up for most of the ride. Flying is no better than a bus. Our final connection on the return flight even smelled like farts.

It's good to be back in the rain. Warmer here. Wet, but warmer.

In case you didn't catch Sports Center tonight, Your Indiana Pacers embarrassed Mr. Jordan this evening. I'm a huge fan of the Mike Comeback, and I'm hoping the Wiz work their way into the playoffs, but Jalen Rose and company beating up on the Greatest of All Time is still a thrill.

While in DC, I had digital cable at my disposal. The service is totally overrated, save for one station that I'd not mind having around the tube here. The NBA station was broadcasting "The Greatest NBA Games of All Time" during the wee hours of the holiday week, and every commercial break was made entirely of those "I Love This Game" ad spots that give me goose bumps from time to time. Fan-tastic.

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