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Saturday, Jan. 26, 2002 @ 5:17 pm

There may people visiting this page that first started reading my online ramblings while on a US tour with a rock band and one Tee Dub (, who introduced me to the world of blogs. Those readers might be familiar with my attempts to kick the sick-ass habit that is smoking cigarettes.

Now, today, itís time to have another go at it. If you count the eight hours that I slept, Iím just now hitting fifteen hours without a smoke. My wife Joy has gone about three hours longer than me, as she fell asleep first last night.

Itís also been snowing in Seattle today, so you have to know that things just arenít normal in the world. On the local news, theyíre having viewers call in and answer the question: Is it snowing where you are?

Excited callers explain whether itís hail or big flakes or tiny hard drops of almost-frozen rain. The snowstorm is swirling around the Puget Sound area without discrimination. There was a dinner that Joy and I were supposed to go to tonight, but the bald tires on our car wonít allow it. Weíre in for the night Ė snowed in by a quarter-inch of slush on the ground and no cigarettes in the apartment.

Weíre using the patch, but for all I know that whole idea is chock full of shit. The best description today was when, in a moment of hazy revelation, Joy declared that the first day of not smoking feels like her muscles are trying to separate from her bones. Itís 5:00pm and the Pacers are about to play the Sonics on television. Local basketball for me, home team and away. Sports without cigarettes make absolutely no sense.

Iím thinking about taking the other 12 patches left in the box and placing them strategically on my body, roll one of them up, stick it in my mouth and light it on fire.

So here we go, readers! I havenít been updating this page more than once every few weeks. Over the next few days, maybe I can keep you updated on my status, and when I fail and light up again, you can all write me and say how bad my breath smells, how stained my teeth are, how shitty it is that I canít run around the block without puking.

NOTE: Joy estimates that sheís already gained one pound today. Together weíve destroyed a huge 8 oz. chocolate bar, and are making preparations for chocolate dipped peanut butter cookies.

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