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Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2002 @ 12:58 am

Just heard some crazy gunshot sound just outside my window. That's always fantastic at 12:50am. Were I a smoker, I'd have been blazing up the Bic just after the blast in order to tame my racing heart. Alas! Not a smoker. Over a month! Take that you bastards!

It was probably just a car's backfire, but shit, you never know who's after you. They could potentially be coming for my collection of ENDURING FREEDOM cards.

My second pack, also purchased at 7-Eleven, included:

"Relief Volunteers at Giants Stadium"

"B-52 Bomber Flies A Low-Level Mission"

"Army Paratroopers Boarding An Aircraft"

"Investigators Comb Pennsylvania Site"

"German Police Hunt For Clues In Hamburg"

"F-16s Deliver Fierce Firepower"

"Defense Secretary Rumsfeld Makes A Point"

The Rumsfeld one is my favorite. I was on the TOPPS website tonight, and I've learned that there are 90 cards in the set. TOPPS says that: "Kids need to understand that the President (and his team) will keep them safe and that evil-doers will be punished. Our cards deliver the details in a medium with which they are familiar and comfortable."

I was exchanging an email with a reader in another land, and that reader commented on how the USA never ceases to amaze. It's difficult to pull a tone out of an email, right? But my God, do they hate us in Australia too? Where's the news report on that shit?

I've only got 14 of the 90 cards. Little Homies (see a previous entry for pictures) are no longer for sale at the Safeway in the quarters machine. I've been hearing that places are banning them, or stores are getting freaked out and no longer allowing them. The trading cards might have to replace my Homies obsession.

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