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Tuesday, Mar. 19, 2002 @ 11:56 pm

Home from the semi-mayhem that is South by Southwest in Austin, TX. For those of you waiting for more laughs at the expense of rockers, there is the unfortunate news that the boys in Rye Coalition were pretty calm, so no stories of hell buring up through the ground. However, one Dave Doughman of Swearing at Motorists did launch a guitar into a crowd of sing-alongers causing stitches and a black eye.

I've been home a few days, but I haven't watched videos since I got back. Until tonight. I've got it on M2, and I swear to God if I see one more "shitty independent I'm kinda punk with a soft side and I write sad shit so cry at my shows when you watch my fucking tour bus drive away and I've got chicks in skimpy underwear and/or swimming suits in my video and my voice is totally ass" situation, I'm going to be seriously tweaked out.

I heard a rumor that slowly over the next year or two, MTV (devil) will begin pulling away from videos made by bands on smaller labels for its M2 station. I heard a rumor that they only care about the bottom line and eventually even "cool" and "viable" "indie rock" (read: bad immitations of something special that might have happened anywhere from five to thirty years ago) will prove itself unable to make that bottom number super fat. When this happens, we can rejoice! For once again fake tits and choreographed nutjobs will be on top!

Here are some pictures from Texas for your enjoyment. Note that none of the bands pictured are "big" enough to have videos yet. We can hope that if/when they get to that point, M2 will have tightened its programming and left independent music where it belongs.

The Six Parts Seven at Buffalo Billiards.

David Dickenson from Suicide Squeeze and myself. David is the reason I got to head down to Texas, so he gets my mighty thanks.

Painted angel and tourists from The East in cowboy hats.

Asses on parade

Minus the Bear at Buffalo Billiards

Brad from The Six Parts Seven who can work miracles with his face each time a camera comes around.

The only Texas flair I brought home was in pictures of the furniture and fixings at Buffalo Billiards. Apparently the cowboy business is doing okay, as it's damn near impossible to find a cowboy hat for under 50 bucks.

Bry from The Constantines entertains the folks outside the club on the street, and then gets kicked out of the club for standing on the nice wooden railing.

More Texas flair. This fine piece of craft found on the back of a couch.

Philly's own Denison Witmer

Dayton's own (although that fine city might not admit it) David Doughman, aka Swearing at Motorists

Bright lights, but the nearest drug store was at least a block away

Swearing at Motorists and the flag of the great state of Ohio

Preachers giving God a bad name

Steet rock greaser style

Erin Tate of Minus the Bear double fisting

Denison with Lisa and Tyler of Three Gut Records

Club de Ville and a van belonging to John Vanderslice

Zak Sally from Low with Grinnell College music master Carter Adams

Vanderslice at an afternoon outdoor party

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