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Wednesday, Mar. 27, 2002 @ 1:04 am

Someone tell me why the singer/video maker known as "Pink" thinks it's okay to look like a bad imitation of Cyndi Lauper. It was bad enough when we just had the chick from No Doubt, but now there's Pink, and Pink does an advert for the NBA. This is a tragedy and no one's really bitching about it but me. What's up?

I've not been sleeping well when it's dark out, and I was two well-timed pills away from a wild headache this morning. I got to it in time, but I could feel the threat of the throb's return all day. A slight tinge under my skull, taunting me to stay up too late, or watch too many videos on MTV (devil).

I'm going to be doing some readings in various places soon. A reading here in Seattle, maybe one in Chicago, and maybe one somewhere in Indiana. I believe I'll try reading a few things from the new novel. Stay tuned for more detailed info on which of these options come together. If you want an email about stuff like this, visit the archive page and sign up for the e-list!

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