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Sunday, Apr. 07, 2002 @ 1:24 pm

Ernest Baxter, Seattle postal worker, dies at 28
Ernest Baxter, a valued employee with the Seattle Postal Service, lost his battle with cancer Wednesday, January 12. Mr. Baxter walked his route in the Ballard neighborhood for five years. He is survived by his mother, who resides in the Baxter family home in rural Parker City, Indiana. Mrs. Baxter spent a month in Washington caring for her son until he passed away. Mr. Baxter was 28. Funeral services are being held Thursday in Parker City.
--Seattle Times. Saturday, January 15, 2000

Local Ernie Baxter dies young in Seattle; returns to Parker City to rest in peace
Ernest “Ernie” Baxter spent most of his life here in Parker City with his mother and father. After graduating from Indiana University with a degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences, Ernie moved to Seattle, Washington, where he worked for the postal service with a daily delivery route. Ernie died of cancer Wednesday, January 12th, in a Seattle hospital bed. He is survived by his mother, who lives in the family home on West Howard Street. Ernie’s father lost his own battle with cancer while Ernie was in high school. Mrs. Baxter traveled to Seattle when Ernie’s situation became critical, and stayed in Washington State with her son for a number of weeks before returning to Parker City to prepare funeral services after her Ernie passed away. Mrs. Baxter holds fond memories of her son, and says she was blessed to spend the last days at Ernie’s side. She says Ernie was in good spirits and made warm, heartfelt jokes about his Hoosier upbringing. Services are being held tomorrow at 10:00am at Beaty’s Funeral Home. Flowers should be sent to Mr. Beaty.
--The Parker City Weekly Telegraph. Wednesday, January 19, 2000

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