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ZINE LEGEND STILL DIRTY AND PUNK ROCK (plus, huge fight with Wendy's employee)
Wednesday, Apr. 24, 2002 @ 8:29 pm

I met Aaron Cometbus last night. He was touring with a band called The Fleshies, but he was stuck outside of the rock club without any ID (but he's gotta be quite a few years older than me). They wouldn't let Aaron Cometbus into the punk rock club! That's amazing.

I told him I wasn't sure if the University library was open after midnight, but he started walking that way regardless.

In an unrelated story, I got in a massive verbal boxing match with this guy working the register at Wendy's. He's rude to me each time I'm in there, and today he pushed too far! My friend Trey warned me at some point that the dude might just say fuck it to his job and jump the counter and punch me. The register dude told me to come back at 3:00. When he told me this, he kinda puckered his lips and puffed up his chest. I'm guessing he was going to either fight me or kiss me if I came back, so I elected to skip it. But before I finally got my food I did ask the manager, who was kinda cowering down by the Frosty machine the whole time, if setting a time for a fight with a customer is grounds for firing. The guy mumbled to his manager something about "no one talks to me that way," and i said to him "dude, i just did." In the end, register guy got the last laugh cause my Biggie was filled with Coke instead of Dr Pepper.

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