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Thursday, May. 02, 2002 @ 6:41 pm

There have been some strong reactions to the Wendy's "almost fight" that I wrote about in my last post. My mother sent me an email telling me one day I'd get my face erased. She was concerned.

Now I love my mom, but I must push forward! There was a near fight at a Baskin Robbins last fall, but now I make my own milkshakes, which saves a bunch of money on the ounce. And thanks to the tuff guy behind the counter at Wendy's, I'm eating fewer burgers. So this is all working out for the best. With any luck, my over-the-counter wrath will bring a few smiles and How Are You? questions back into this dark and lonely world. And, this new gut I seem to have nursed to fruition will thank me. Each fast food fight I pick, pounds fall off. Now this diet deserves an infomercial. This diet is going to have Oprah begging. Someone's going to write a novel, and a Hollywood budget's going to fall right into place. I'm feeling this one.

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