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Wednesday, May. 08, 2002 @ 12:42 am

This is an update on projects I'm currently working on...

1. new short story:
I have a short story about building destruction in the upcoming third issue of LITTLE ENGINES. After a few delays, we're sending the new issue to the printer in the next few days. Pre-orders will start soon at

2. recording for a 12" ep
Philly's Burnt Toast Vinyl is doing an amazing series of one-sided 12" records. The first in the series was by Damien Jurado, and a very short story of mine was etched into the back of the vinyl for that release. Other records will be coming in this series from T.W. Walsh, Aspera, Neil Halstead, etc. At some point in this series, a one-sided Adam Voith 12" ep will become available. A few jingles and some readings. Stay tuned for info on a release date (it's gonna be a good while).

3. new novel
I'm doing final editing on my new novel STAND UP ERNIE BAXTER: YOU'RE DEAD. The goal is a release in the late fall. You can find snippets from the book in the archive.

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