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Tuesday, May. 14, 2002 @ 7:17 pm

In the spirit of full disclosure, let me say up front that the band I'll be hyping below also employs the company I work for to book their shows in the United States of America. I have a bias, but I'm wearing it on my sleeve.

Rock and roll was defended last night by THE CONSTANTINES. In the pictures below you'll notice there's no stage, as this was Munday Funday @ Graceland, where the bands play in the small room usually reserved for drinking while skipping the opener in the big-stage room 15 yards away. THE CONS had a modest crowd of music lovers, a handful of people up front were shaking tambourines by the end of the night. Even with a shitty vocal PA, every word out of the band was perfectly conveyed, and my ears are still ringing like wimpy little bastards.

Here's something from the label's website, describing the band:

The Constantines come from a planet held together with power chords and safety pins. We live in a rickety house in a dirty, dismal street, where the naked hide from day and thieves and drunkards meet. We come from a long line of bad teeth. We've got foul mouths full of black and gold. We make rock-and-roll music. Come out, shake your ass, get reckless. Young hearts, be free tonight.

My God, do you love it? Munday Funday. Look in the pictures: The drummer has his tambourine and you can see a dude in the crowd holding up his maraca!

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