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Tuesday, May. 21, 2002 @ 4:44 pm

I'd like to point out in a self-congratulatory tone that in a few days I will have gone a quarter of a year without smoking a single cigarette. Thank you. Thank you. Please, quiet down. Seriously. Thank you.

My health must be on the up swing, yes? I must be feeling amazing, true? What a life change! Well, stand back (and I mean that literally), because I've decided to take the next step. My friend Tom read about an exercise and weight lifting routine in Playboy and weve decided its time to fight back against the winter bellies we've been nurturing. Tom has a garage, a weight bench, and a rope made for jumping.

But aside from the fact that my coordination seems to be in serious hibernation since Junior High School (the last time I can remember tying to jump rope), it should be noted that after 20 minutes of dedication to "Exercise Summer" I found myself spewing puke all over Tom's nice bathroom floor.

Someone pass me a cigarette.

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