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Wednesday, May. 22, 2002 @ 8:39 pm

I got a copy of the new MAGNET MAGAZINE in the mail today. I think they have me on a free subscription list in hopes that I'll advertise, and I probably will one day. The ads in this new issue are fantastic!

I've not read anything in this magazine yet except two reviews (one for the new Mountain Goats record and one for the new Pedro the Lion record). I have, however, paged through it one and a half times, looked at the pictures, the headlines, some pull quotes, and most of the ads.

The issue has Wilco on the cover, so these fuckers in Philly must really know their rock. Isn't that Wilco record supposed to the record that's making one major label kick themselves for letting it go and some other major label jump up and down for getting their hands on it? This new Wilco record will certainly make all the Year End lists, and it's only the Jun/Jul issue. MAGNET is on their game!

MAGNET might be the only glossy-on-every-rack rock and roll magazine left in the USofA that's worth two shits. It's loaded with ads, which is supposed to be a terrible thing, but I look at them all and sometimes even buy records based on them. In this issue, the adverts will probably lead to me purchasing most of these record:

Enon "High Society"

Giant Sand "Cover Magazine"

Tarentel "Ephemera"

Amos House Collection, Vol. II

Also, maybe this new Busy Signals record, but probably not. The picture of The Apes looks pretty insane, but I dunno. I'll probably end up picking up the new Kingsbury Manx. I'll for sure get the new Hot Snakes, but the ad says it won't come out until June 11. Still a number of days away (but still really good timing by the ad buyer at Swami Records). And you know what, I'm even sorta interested in this new Jon Spencer record. That one had a full-page color ad for it on the back cover! Must be serious!

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