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(and Ralph Nader defends independent publishers)

Friday, May. 24, 2002 @ 1:39 am

You'll notice I've written here 4 days in a row. Hot damn! It must be the exercise.

Ben Brown ( & had an idea, and although I never visited the sites involved while the idea was being executed, I heard all about it the other day and it's got me spinning. I'm going to steal Ben Brown's brilliant idea!

For the release of LITTLE ENGINES issue three, this site and a number of other websites will be hosting an online reading tour. If you have a website and would like to take part, please drop me a line and I'll explain how it's going to work.

ALSO: Recently some bullshit went down when Bank One decided to steal money from independent publishers. If you're interested in independent publishing, you should read THIS article, and then you should read THIS other article about Ralph Nader stepping up to the plate. Whether or not the man would make a good President aside, Nader gives a damn about the real deal (which is the people) and he might be the only politician currently writing things down that feel this right.

An excerpt from a letter sent last week to the Comptroller of the Currency in which Nader asked for a federal investigation into Bank One's bogus behavior:

"These are small publishers that can ill-afford to lose this money. And the nation can ill-afford to lose independent small publishers who keep the First Amendment alive as a vital part of our democracy. It would be a sad commentary on banking practices and bank regulation if these arbitrary high-handed 'collection' practices were allowed to stand."

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