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Monday, Jun. 10, 2002 @ 3:23 am

I'll be flying in an airplane a few more times, at least. It seems that while living on the West Coast, it is next to impossible to travel efficiently to the Midwest or East Coast by ground.

I think about airplanes and wonder if, in the future, my kids will look at the movies of the monster metal birds and feel the way I do when I see those pictures of the burning blimp. They'll have these airtubes that take my children to Europe at warp speed. They'll feel just like a waterslide, the only injuries being a bruised heel or a skinned knee.

They might look back on some drugs, say maybe Prozac or Asprin or St. John's Wort, and see four-fifths of the population of the US walking around with rubber limbs and they'll teach kids in Med School about all the mistakes of the past.

But it seems I'll have to fly a few more times, at least.

TNI Books is going to two different events this summer that we're very excited about. Are you going? If you're in the area, you should!

Underground Publishing Conference
June 22-23 Bowling Green State U, Bowling Green OH
more info:
Josh Bearman, who keeps a nice weblog at, and myself will drive from Chicago with Todd Dills of THE2NDHAND ( Please do come say hello. Jim Munroe from NoMediaKings ( will also be in the house.

The Portland Zine Symposium
July 12-14 at the PSU Campus, Portland OR
more info:
Not sure who will be along for this one yet. But this should prove to be a good time. Lots of workshops! Al Burian from Burn Collector is going.

LITTLE ENGINES issue three & BURN COLLECTOR issue twelve
release party at Confounded!

more info:
After the weekend in Portland, Al Burian, David Drury and myself will be reading in Seattle to celebrate new issues of both Burn Collector and Little Engines. Tuesday July 16th - 7:00pm @ Confounded Books, 2235 2nd Avenue in Seattle.

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