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Friday, Dec. 20, 2002 @ 12:23 am

It's late on the Thursday night before Christmas, and it feels as though the entire world might just shut down tomorrow night at 5:00pm, and Iím not prepared.

Now of course I'm wrong, and really it's just wishful thinking. The malls will still be crawling with busy shoppers. The freeways will still be crammed with speeding drivers (assholes!). The post office will continue to be an unmanageable madhouse for a few more days and spots like the grocery store, the gas station and Denny's will still be staffed, maybe even hopped up on the timecards a bit to manage the extra fat of holiday dollars.

But in the world of micro-book-publishing & rock-music-routing, things will slow to a frightening halt tomorrow night, I can feel it. You'd think I'd be excited, ready to exhale and soak in some genteel holiday parties, couch cushions, televised basketball games and Christmas cookies.

I've been driving very slowly lately. It's been raining, and the tire-worn ruts carved into the highways and interstates of Seattle make our little Ford hydro-jiggle to the left and to the right, and it's nearly as scary as airline travel. My shoulders don't often relax, and I'm not sleeping well. Or at least not sleeping on a regular schedule. Long deep naps in the evenings and then restless room-pacing during the late hours. Tedious mornings when accomplishing one simple task (getting gifts out to the peeps!) takes several hours. Rain, god damn you rain and wild west coast drivers!

Holiday! Holiday, please take me and put me under some spell of quiet rooms, loose muscles, and healthier food. The '02 is coming to a close, and I want badly to be tired! I'm not certain if it's the war, or the weather, but I'm not sleeping well. Holiday! Save me!

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