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Tuesday, May. 20, 2003 @ 4:12 pm

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Celebrate the death of Ernie Baxter!
Adam Voith on tour opening for Damien Jurado reading from his new book.
Click here for the West Coast dates!

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Today while sitting in my home office and working at the computer I saw, out of the corner of my eye, a falling 4x6 photograph. Once haphazardly attached to the wall above me by half-sticky ticky-tack, it was now performing lopsided and agitated summersaults, flipping downward toward my head. My brain processed this event as a swoop from an evil and rabid bat that was somehow waiting patiently in the ceiling rafters of my basement for this perfect moment to stage an attack.

The only reason I tell you this is because I feel like I should tell you something. Itís been a long while since Iíve used this site for anything other than bland news.

I could admit to you that I finally saw Boogie Nights, and feel that the flick is far inferior to PT Andersonís other stuff. I might mention that the new book Reefer Madness by Eric Schlosser is starting out really good after fifty pages. You might know Mr Schlosserís last book, Fast Food Nation. I myself never read that one due to intense fear that the words and stories contained within might offend me to the point of not being able to enter Wendyís again, which would leave me hungry and weak.

Are you interested to know that my aunt in Pennsylvania is doing very badly, suffering from lung disease, mild to mind-blowing schizophrenia, and lack of will? Sheís been hanging on, in and out of uncountable bad situations and placements Ė ineffective buildings and organizations that attempt to help the helpless.

Do you need some recommendations for easy dinners on the grill? Word is that halibut sprinkled with brown sugar and wrapped in tin foil is the real deal. My wife and I will try this soon now that the sun stays up longer than working hours.

Looking for a new record to buy and dance to alone when nobodyís looking? The new one from Talib Kweli is damn good, but the Cody ChestnuTT double CD titled ďThe Headphone MasterpieceĒ is shit. Clearly, heís got the chops, but itís obviously his current single with The Roots was re-recorded for MTV play. His headphones, I think, might have something wrong with them. He should look into a new pair before beginning work on his next solo effort. Itís also important to know that Lungfish still kicks ass live, grey hairs and all. Their show here last week promoted me to do my first bit of mail-order record shopping in a good long while, sending off to Dischord for a few of their LPs Iíve missed out on over the years.

Is that all? Is there more you need? Have you stopped coming here all together? Iím going to try to do better, I promise. Come back! Come back! I grew a bit self-conscious about the world of online journals over the past several months, and it seems that the well of information and stories I had for you had dried up. But Iím going to make a comeback, yes? Iíll see you here, maybe?

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