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Wednesday, May. 21, 2003 @ 4:18 pm

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Celebrate the death of Ernie Baxter!
Adam Voith on tour opening for Damien Jurado reading from his new book.
Click here for the West Coast dates!

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Take note! Two posts in two days! Did you catch the comeback yesterday? Yes! I'm back, dammit!

And you know what? So is Headbanger's Ball. I was never a huge metal fan. I only wore Spandex for a brief period of time, and unfortunately that was due to a sudden but short lived interest in 12-speed bicycle riding rather than inspiration taken from guitar solos and AquaNet. But I do like to see The Ball back in effect.

However, there's something missing this time around. Those folks at MTV are no fools, and have trimmed the teased hair from their current stable of clips for Saturday night rotation. And so, just for the sake of good times and memories, I provide for you a link: 3-D. Please enjoy!

3-D plays heavy metal music, and opens the bio on their website with this: "What ever happened to the heavy metal of the 1980's decade? Did it really ever die out? Or was it just buried under a pile of rubble generated from today's so-called "nu-metal" or other modern radio rock? And what the f#!k ever happened to Headbanger's Ball much less MTV in general? Did Nirvana win this struggle for power? What happened to the days where alot of '80's metalfan girls wouldn't go out with guys who's hair was shorter than theirs? What about the holey jeans? And someone please tell me what the f#!k is a "mullet"?!?!"

Well, 3-D, Headbanger's Ball is back, but I'm not certain that you're going to get your break on that new incarnation of programming. But here, at, we've got your back!

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