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Tuesday, May. 27, 2003 @ 11:58 pm

also dude, don't be afriad to lie. this is your story, and you can tell it however you want. the key is what we get from the story, how we understand the "human" aspect that you're dealing with -- the thing we all understand but aren't sure how to address.

this is the task of the artist, yeah? to tell it like it is. to represent! to somehow say the unsayable; to grab that thing on the tip of everyone's tongue and beat the shit out of it. artist man tells you how it is, yeah? but the trick and the fun is that artist man doesn't quite know how he did it, or if he did it right, or if he said it in any way more complete & understandable. so artist man writes more stories, paints more canvases, records more songs, etc... More lies for everyone!

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