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Friday, Jun. 06, 2003 @ 10:09 am

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Celebrate the death of Ernie Baxter!
Adam Voith on tour opening for Damien Jurado reading from his new book.
Click here for the West Coast dates!
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The tour kicked off last night in Seattle, and I thought the day might feel much less tour-ish since we were in our hometown. But somehow Damien and I found ourselves meeting up around 1pm, which felt a lot like the standard "get out of bed" time for a touring day... Standing out in front of the house and attempting to figure out how to attach the Sears X-Cargo car-top carrier certainly felt tour-related... Hitting Guitar Center for Damien to pick up a new axe... Smoking in front of 7-11... Arriving at the club earlier than need be... Waiting hours for the festivities to begin... Packing up the shit when it was over... Denny's at 2am... Yesterday, Seattle was not my hometown, just a strange series of plans and errands to make sure the few hours on stage worked out okay. Perhaps the weather had something to do with the city feeling foreign and strange, as 87 degrees in Seattle is a rare thing, something to complain about.

The show was a good one. It was hotter than hell in the club, and sweat was dripping into my eyes while reading, burning and making it difficult to see the words on the page. Today, we head to south to Portland. And soon, the $7.00 hamburger at Barney's in Oakland! I'm counting the days and miles!

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