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Monday, Jun. 16, 2003 @ 11:27 pm

Hello! A quick note to thank folks for coming out for readings and music on the West Coast. It was good to see/meet you. I hope you enjoyed our roadshow.

I'm back in the Northwest: land of clear air, reasonable drivers, and real boobs made of flesh and blood. California, and Los Angeles in particular, made Damien and I catch colds. Sniffles, snores, and dead bugs splashed and glued to the front of the the Sears car-top carrier followed us back here. But the evil insomnia, which lasted most of the tour, has fled the scene. It's good to be home.

I'm prepared, at certain times, to make difficult decisions. I'm concerned with the state of things like drum kits, books, and difficult male relationships, but to really think these things through takes a good heap of energy. There are few precious moments in a given hour, day, year, or lifetime, when making any real headway is possible. I've trimmed my beard, almost considered shaving the whole thing off, and the cats are starting to act normal again.

There are these machines, and they go by names like 'company', 'social club', 'industry', and 'goverment'. You must watch these machines with a careful eye, because the movies, while tainted by that fizzled sun blaring out from behind choking smog in LA County, are not telling you lies. Goddammit, they might all be true stories.

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