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in the basement, on the couch, sleepless in bed

Thursday, Jul. 17, 2003 @ 11:27 am

You come to a certain point with Tylenol PM, and for me it was about the one-month mark, when you are no longer scared of the lasting effects, the reliance, the dreamless nights in too deep. You just want sleep, and sleep is what your friend delivers with a consistancy not often seen in modern relationships.

Things Ive been enjoying like crazy:

Netflix - This service is perfect for the person that almost never leaves the house, and is up far later than into the night than the rest of the city. Requires a certain amount of discipline, and frequent trips to the mailbox, but worth well worth the effort. Ive been watching movies Id never think to pick up at the video store, and feel as though Im being rewarded for those two and three hour chunks. Examples: NBA Upsets and Underdogs, American Buffalo, The Filth and the Fury: A Sex Pistols Film, Blue Streak, Scratch, Manhattan, etc

The Pages The unmastered version of their first LP, to be released soon

Among the Thugs A book with lots of drinking and property damage by Bill Buford

For Love or Money This reality dating show is dangerous and addictive. Theyve really gone to new lengths here. Monday nights @ 9pm

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