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Thursday, Mar. 25, 2004 @ 12:02 am

Dear loyal people,

I figured it's time to write. Today I finished working the day-job, watched some terrible news on the television, and then carried the mini-laptop upstairs to catch up on TNI BOOKS & other writing-related things. To my horror, I noticed updates on both and were dated well before the turn of the New Year.

It seems as though the day-job has grown like a monster, but I'm happy to report that the monster that is Booking Rock Tours is a mostly a friendly monster! I love my job, love sending bands out to the music-lovers, those dirty fiends! I was in Austin at the SXSW festival last week, and let me tell you that music is a gift! Do not be a cynical bastard! The rock is ripe, and you walk down 6th St. during those 4 days and see True Believers! Yeah! I said it! Believers, and nasty late-night drunks with body parts hanging out of tight clothing, these wild-minded women tucking their ass-cheeks into low-riding blue jeans! But among them, and mixed in with the hounding men, you will find some people bringing you something, and with them those that are there for the taking! I'm liking rock and roll. It's a busy business, apparently, but today I'm thinking: Oh shit! Also books, right?

So there I sat with the computer, thinking about these things, and then I decided to eat some cookies and drink a giant soda from McDonalds. My wife has been cheating on me with Dr. Atkins and so tired and smelly double-quarter-pounders with no bun in the drive-thru have become a must. I personally never touch any cooked product from McD's aside from the occasional Freedom Fry. However, the Mr Pipp called out to me, a last-minute edition to the order. So I killed time killing my insides with awful food and drink, and then returned to the computer to try again.

The good news is that both this site and the TNI BOOKS site have now been updated with some notes and news on other things coming soon. Several things you might care to know:

1. Josh B's long-running "Circular Sounds from the Blackout" guest blog is coming to an end. You can find Josh's GOODBYE BLOG there now. I've loved having Josh on the site writing about his days, and you can be certain he'll return in various forms of things TNI BOOKS related.

2. A new letter is up at the site, and it's about Sly Stallone. Do you want to send letters to anyone, from anyone, about anything?

3. I'm going to be continuing our Discounted Gift Bundles in the online store. Books for your loved ones, or discounts to treat yourself: let's go!

4. Soon there will be news of an upcoming book or two we're working on, and we'll bring a new site guest to the site to pick up where Josh B's action leaves off!

5. LITTLE ENGINES Issue Five, with guest editor David Drury, is in the snail-ish stages of coming together. Please feel free to send submissions. We've got lots of fiction submissions already, so send us your letters, interviews and other oddities.

6. These records are well worth your time: HINT HINT "Young Days", JOANNA NEWSOM "The Milk-Eyed Mender", and THE SLEEPY JACKSON "Lovers". As well, these books will keep you in good company: "So Many Books: reading and publishing in an age of abundance" by GABRIEL ZAID, "Drop City" by T.C. BOYLE, and "Travels With Charley" by JOHN STEINBECK.

All is well, yeah? Best to you,


please visit: for more info on many things above.

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