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Monday, Dec. 17, 2001 @ 1:33 am

My weekend was something of a blur, with long intervals in front of the computer installing up a new operating system. Because you're able to read this, the instal worked and I am, for the next few days, allowed to fancy myself a computer wizard.

But even with my major e-accomplishment floating along with me, the coming week promises to whiz around like nervous gnats around my head. The few days before a cross-country flight to visit the in-laws are sure to be slightly off-kilter. The airport is sure to be a blast, right? And the intense gripping of the seat in front of me while in the sky aboard a commercial airliner on our way to Washington DC, our nation's capitol city... That'll be tops.

Lately, news anchors and television commercial voices are prone to using phrases like in these difficult times. As for me, I suppose I'm doing what my country has asked of me. I'm buying Christmas gifts. I'm watching movies. I'm visiting malls when necessary. And I'm taking a commercial airliner to Washington DC, our nation's capitol city! I'll white knuckle this one for the red white and blue.

Dear readers: In these difficult times, please remeber to enjoy your holidays.

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